SAP ABAP Services
RICEF Developments, Workflows ODATA services & ABAP HR
    1. (R)Reports: Design and develop MIS reports across various levels within the organization.
    2. (I) Interface: Connect various SAP and Non-SAP applications to have real time integration and data flows to ensure correctness for a transaction.
    3. (C) Conversions: migrate different data, data structures to SAP and vice versa using conversions in SAP.
    4. (E) Enhancements: Tweak business processes and tailor design the same using enhancements. This enables organizations to put in process controls yet utilizing best practices of SAP
    5. (F) Forms: Design customized printouts and layouts using forms to suite country specific and organization specific needs.

Our expert team of consultants are capable to design, develop and maintain complex workflows across various business processes. Workflows help the middle management and senior executives with information on prompt actions needed by the organization to achieve and complete tasks within the time frame.

It also serves as an informational tool to the management. For Example, Purchase Requisition / Order workflow, Goods Receipt workflows.