SAP Training Services
We understand that having a comprehensive approach to Project Team training is a key factor to the success of all our client projects.

Using SAP ERP to manage your organizations resources can be a game-changing business solution. However, these systems are complex and require specialized training to ensure staff members make optimal use of the services. ADVAIT Consulting has designed SAP Training Services to cover the need for well-trained staff members that wil help your company reap the benefits of using SAP ERP.

Our corporate heritage and extensive expertise is reflected in the quality of our training programs. We have a team of highly skilled, SAP-certified Instructors to deliver instruction in all SAP functional and technical areas. Our unique SAP training approach has proven to be highly successful for both large scale and small scale training requirements.

Our portfolio of training services includes:

  • Customized Onsite/Offsite Training Workshops
  • Special Certification Training
  • Business Process Procedure Development
  • Training Documentation Development

In support of our implementation teams, we have also developed a unique, in-house training program called the ADVAIT Training Academy. The ADVAIT Training Academy is a comprehensive set of training program that caters to:

  • Initial Project Team Training
  • End-User Training
  • Function-specific Delta Training
  • Organizational Change Management