Functional Offerings


  1. SAP SD: Sales & Distribution (Order to Cash) (Market to Cash Concept)
  2. SAP MM: Materials Management (Procure to Pay)
  3. SAP PP: Production Planning (Plan to Produce) & Quality Management
  4. SAP LE: Logistics Execution (Shipping & Transportation)

Helping our clients to drive their customer engagement efficiently, creating an effective relationship.

It is rightly said, if you serve your customer’s customer then you are in business.

At Advait we believe in customer delight and offer solutions to match today’s digital era.

customer engagement has taken on a new importance. A collaborative approach between sales and marketing is crucial.

Engaging the Marketers and salespeople and enabling them to communicate with interested parties via any channel, providing a consistent, tailored service. They also must be equipped to answer queries, dispel doubts, and explain why their offering is the perfect fit. When it comes to facing the challenges of modern-day sales, clever tools for marketing analysis and campaign management can prove invaluable.

We help you to…

  • Leverage 360° customer insights
  • Simplify marketing automation
  • Develop and execute multi-channel campaigns
  • Gain insight into your market using real-time analytics
  • Generate Leads & Convert them into opportunities
  • Boost sales effectiveness

We help you to Transform your Procurement using scientific methods, statistical analysis and tools.

As the ancient saying goes

“A penny saved is a penny Earned”

This requires a change in thinking. In the highly competitive, globalized world, with all its complex value chains, supplier selection can be the difference between success and failure. Failure to deliver costs money. A supplier that does not comply with regulations can permanently damage a company’s reputation, and ultimately prove to be far more costly. New IT solutions can help businesses to make the right decisions when it comes to supplier selection

We help you to…

  • Automate Numerous routine tasks or outsourced to shared service centers.
  • Maintain the strategic, global business relationships with suppliers and perform supplier evaluation.
  • Integrate strategic sourcing and operative purchasing
  • Implement self-service procurement
    40-60% cost reduction through increased sourcing productivity, lower supply chain costs, shorter cycle times, and increased accounts payable productivity.

Source: SAP performance benchmarking and SAP organizational change management practice, 2016

As we enter the digital era, the concept of smart factory is quintessential for businesses to progress.

Smart Factory approach enables businesses to have tight control on the shop floor giving an operational edge and cost benefits compared to its competitors.

To meet new demands and remain competitive, you need faster responses, state-of-the-art technology, and connected processes from production planning and control to material requirements planning (MRP) and logistics. At the same time, you need to ensure full traceability and documentation to comply with strict regulations.

“Individualize your production to boost customer satisfaction”

Achieve manufacturing excellence through innovative technology usage by having…

  • Machine to Machine Communication
  • Stream line processes through automation
  • Connecting Manufacturing Execution Systems with ERP.
  • Increase shop floor visibility thru Analytics
  • Most importantly; controlling quality
    We help you by…
  • Providing and Ensuring a end to end collaborative & Integrated supply chain
  • Achieving customer centrism at the shop floor
    Automation of routine jobs and activities.

Shipping, Transportation and Warehouse Management for the Digital Age
Optimize Supply Chain Planning and Execution
Meeting customers expectation thru innovation in supply chain.

New trends and technologies have a tremendous impact on supply chains across all industries. To meet the higher expectations in terms of delivery timelines, inventory management and coordination with logistics service providers is the key challenge which puts companies a under pressure to reduce planning cycles and find new ways to eliminate supply chain complexity. This calls for comprehensive and flexible supply chain planning to ensure faster responses.

Companies require effective warehouse management, transportation management, and logistics execution systems. At the same time, they need to manage an extended supply chain where all planning and supply chain execution processes are seamlessly connected. This necessitates the sharing of live information throughout the supply network. Real-time IT facilitates this collaboration, helping enterprises prepare for any eventuality.
Advait’s core team with its diversified industry experiences offers innovative solutions to its customers. With a cumulative experience of more than 20+ years in the field of supply chain addressing issues of ground reality

We help our clients manage

  • Increased supply chain complexity
  • Manage growing need for flexibility and scalability
  • Reduce planning cycle times
  • Manage Higher customer expectations
  • Increase focus on efficiency

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Networks of our affiliates spreads all over the world inorder to provide a good grip in the Global Human Resource Recruitment System.
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Networks of our affiliates spreads all over the world inorder to provide a good grip in the Global Human Resource Recruitment System.

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