What is new in
It is column-oriented database with the ability to manage huge volumes of data with agility.
  • HANA is SAP’s own Database designed to provide an in-memory processing technology along with very high computing power along with application development features. This helps customers to process high volume data on real time basis. It stores data in column orientation giving it high speed to search the accurate information by the user.
  • It is marketed by SAP SE.

This question often arises for many customers that why do we need HANA? Following are few points which make HANA an exception.

  • Processing Speed: it fetches data based on its columnar orientation which helps process user requests faster than traditional databases.
  • Compression: reduces the IT data foot print by at least 30% as compared to traditional databases. This provides high level of cost saving in terms of storage thus reducing overall costs.
  • Adaptability: HANA database along with its studio management features allows creating views for desired information to be fetched. This eventually helps organizations enable faster MIS and EIS reporting.
  • Scalability: the effective architecting of HANA database can help manage seamless scalability without impacting the performance and yet helping ease of manageability.