SAP Cloud Platform

To stay competitive in the constantly evolving economic landscape, companies are adopting a hybrid approach that combines their ERP core with cloud solutions. The objective is to develop innovative business models and make informed decisions. SAP has developed Cloud Platform (SCP), a platform-as-a-service that offers unique in-memory database and application services to help build, extend, and integrate modern, mobile-enabled apps.

SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service that facilitates comprehensive application development services, connecting businesses, people, and things. It comprises a central technology stack, microservices, and robust development tools.

Unlocking a new possibilities

How does it work? SCP enables you to store data in the cloud and subsequently visualize, manage and analyze it using front-end applications. In practice, this means you can build easy-to-use, enterprise-ready cloud apps that help unify your business processes – regardless of where they are stored.

SCP offers your company the optimal tools to:

  • Build innovative mobile applications.
  • Develop, deploy, and manage IoT and machine-to-machine applications efficiently
  • Integrate and customize your cloud and on-premises applications.
  • Conduct analysis and reporting based on multiple data sources.
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